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January 18, 2019

Feeling Beneath

My palpitations could be heard from Key West. Cortisol flowed through my veins faster than a red Ferrari in Miami. My hands were cold. My mouth was dry. I started sweating. My chest was tightening. Judging from the way the conversation was going, I knew the question would come up any time now. I knew somebody at the party would ask me if I had read the latest book by Yuval Harari. These days, you really can’t go to the bathroom without the guy in the next urinal asking if you’ve read Harari’s work, which sends you scrambling to the nearest digital device to purchase his latest book on amazon, lest you are the last person to know that in 2045 Facebook will know the texture of your bowel movements. This pretty much sums up his latest book by the way. But the questions do not stop with Harari. Have I heard the latest version of the Opera Carmen by Teresa Berganza? Do I know the meaning of floccinaucinihilipilification (fläksəˌnôsəˌnīˌhiləˌpiləfiˈkāSHən), which means the act or habit of estimating something as worthless? Try pronouncing it. Feel worthless yet? I know my friends and acquaintances mean no harm, but every time I […]
January 13, 2019

Smart Objects, Dumb Subjects: Part II

Narcissists may not espouse any values other than self-admiration, but there are people who actually fervently believe in justice, fairness, and compassion, but behave in self-righteous ways that betray all the principles they seem to espouse. You can see them putting down colleagues in meetings or asserting their superiority on account of education or ACT, SAT, GRE, GPA, L-SAT, M-CAT, or FAQ-U scores. This is very common in institutions of higher education by the way. When you mix clueless with egotistical you suffer from people who talk forever, hog the mic, and bore the audience to tears with tired arguments that usually entail some self-aggrandizing BS. When they start talking, you can actually read bubbles on top of people’s heads: for how long is he going to talk about the same old BS now? This is usually accompanied by a collective sigh of resignation. This is not uncommon in faculty meetings by the way. Some unbearable people like to show their shiny new toys. These may vary from the new yacht to the new condo to the new watch to the new piece of art. They think everyone is interested in material things the way they are. Are they hiding […]
January 11, 2019

Perplexed? Depressed?

Are you perplexed? Are you depressed? Do not despair! We have a cure without negative side effects! Ora and I are super excited to share with you that our two new Laughing Guides are here. They will be published next week, earlier than we thought!! The books are: The Laughing Guide to Change: Using Humor and Science to Master your Behaviors, Emotions, and Thoughts, and The Laughing Guide to a Better Life: Using Humor and Science to Improve Yourself, Your Relationships, and Your Surroundings. Both books combine a heavy dose of humor with a good measure of science.  We did the writing, now you do the reading. To make sure people know about the books, we need your help. The best way to get the word out about new books is through reviews on amazon. If you are willing to write a brief review of either book on amazon, it would be just amazing! The books can be purchased either from amazon or directly from the publisher: Rowman and Littlefield. If you do, you can use the following 20% discount code: RLEGEN19 We very much appreciate your help! Isaac and Ora You can preview them at amazon
January 7, 2019

Smart Objects, Dumb Subjects: Part I

Smart classrooms. Smart cities. Smart houses. Smart phones. Smart watches. Smart TVs. Smart cars. Dumb people. They are everywhere. All of them. This is how historians will remember the 21st century: smart things, stupid people. Smart objects make life easier and better. With help from technology we can be more productive. Organizations can be more efficient. Wouldn’t it be nice if people contributed to our well-being as much as smart technologies do? It would, I know. But we seem to be investing so much more in smart gadgets than in smart people. How about a psychologically smart workplace, or an interpersonally smart partner? How about a smart team member, or a smart boss? To be perfectly clear, I am not talking about verbal or analytical smart, I’m talking about people smart, as in getting along with others and solving problems together. I’m talking about making life easier and better for everyone, not SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA, L-SAT, M-CAT or FAQ-U smart. Imagine what life and work would be like without narcissists, hypocrites, entitled, privileged, arrogant, conceited, haughty, egotistical, insufferable and clueless people. To make it easier, let me classify these qualities into two simple categories. The first nine attributes form […]
December 29, 2018

Happy New Year! Mark your Calendars for Mueller Report and Impeachment Day

  Dates to Remember in 2019!! Dear Friends and Family, We wish you a happy and healthy new year. To do that, we recommend that you love each other without smothering one another. We suggest that you work hard but that you leave some time to spend with one another, but not so much that you get on each other’s nerves. If all the festivities of the New Year become too stressful, try Zen meditation, which is also good for dealing with all the people you invited to your party. If Zen meditation is not your thing, try becoming vegan, like us. Your new diet will make dealing with your relatives look really easy. To cope with the aftermath of all the cooking and cleaning and eating, we suggest you give your nerves and your stomach a vacation until Valentine’s Day, at which point you can have some chocolate to forget that *** TRIGGER WARNING: NOT SO SUBTLE POLITICAL MESSAGE *** Trump is still president. But do not despair, because the Mueller report will come out on, drum roll please, President’s day, February 18, 2019. If you are a Trump enabler, do not despair either. March 6th is Ash Wednesday […]

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