The Poor to Inform GOP on Benefits of Going Uninsured
September 22, 2013
Boehner and Cantor offered asylum in North Korea
October 3, 2013

Benefits of Government Shutdown

A new poll released today shows that the vast majority of people favor a government shutdown. The scientific poll broke down the answers by groups:
Democrats in the Senate:
1.       We will not have to hear Republican Senator Ted Cruz talking about shutting down the government.
Republicans in the Senate:
2.       We will not have to contort ourselves trying to justify Senator Cruz’s 21 hour rant.
Chamber of Commerce:
3.       Government employees will have time to do their Christmas shopping early.
Bashar al-Assad:
4.       The Syrian government will look good.
President Obama:
5.       Time to play basketball.
Vladimir Putin:
6.       LOL
Health care industry in South Florida:
7.       Three more days of undetected Medicare fraud.
8.   Say what?

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