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February 14, 2014
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April 21, 2014


People think that without alternatives they will be able to overcome cravings. Impossible! Look at me. I replaced chocolate with delicacies such as carob coated rye crackers that taste like UPS packing cardboard. I also replaced meat with a chewy substance that resembles regurgitated fungus. Instead of coffee I drink chicory. For energy I take a B 12 pill. For fun, I eat shredded wheat. And when I go completely crazy I pour agave on tempeh and decorate it with wheat grass and sauerkraut. You see, there are alternatives. Granted it takes time and creativity, but if you go to the nearest health food store, you will meet a lot of friendly people who used to live in a sanatorium and are dying to have some human contact.


  1. Nick Brown says:

    And the small ads in the store window are always for such interesting ways to take care of your minor health issues…

  2. Interesting combo… "agave on tempeh and decorate it with wheat grass and sauerkraut".

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