Customer Disservice Awards: First Place
April 8, 2018
Customer Disservice Awards: Third Place
April 22, 2018

Customer Disservice Awards: Second Place

The second place for customer disservice goes to the flight attendant from Lufthansa. We were about to board the business class section of the Airbus when a Lufthansa employee turned to the flight attendant to ask her for help with our bags. She asked the flight attendant for assistance while I helped Ora to her seat. I turned to the flight attendant and politely asked her to place two small bags in 24E and F while I assisted my wife. Since she did not acknowledge my request, I assumed that she could not hear me because of the noise of the engines. I courteously repeated the seat numbers, at which point she yelled at me, in the rudest of terms, “I HEARD YOU SIR.” Apparently she felt that it was beneath her to help passengers with their bags. I had seen such attitude before.

A few minutes later the same flight attendant handed us the oxygen tank that Ora uses in long flights. As two Jewish passengers in the hands of a nasty German wearing a uniform, we could not help but laugh at the fact that she was handing us a tank that seem to contain gas. I hasten to point out that all the other German flight attendants were exceedingly polite and did not remind us of the Holocaust.


PS: Share your customer disservice experience in the comment box. Stay tuned for third place in the coming days……

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