Modesty and Moderation
May 9, 2016
Family Democracy
May 18, 2016

Personal Responsibility


I came to this country because I thought that personal responsibility was big here. Instead, I found a bunch of low performing, mediocre politicians, professionals and celebrities ready to blame the world but themselves for their shortcomings. No wonder that the totally politically incorrect Amy Chua is gaining traction. The author of Battle Hymn for the Tiger Mother and The Triple Package (with hubby Jed Rubenfeld) claims that success relies on three characteristics: impulse control, feelings of inferiority, and feelings of superiority.

I think I’m going to join the Amy Chua movement of sadomasochist believers in high expectations. I already fulfil two of her requirements. In fact, I invented impulse control and feelings of inferiority. I’m working now on feelings of superiority, but it’s not going well. Nobody believes me.

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