April 13, 2014
May 1, 2014

Social Skills

There are two interaction skills essential for your well-being: expressing yourself and empathizing. Achieving high levels of dexterity in self-expression and empathy is not as easy as it sounds. Conveying your feelings and thoughts with accuracy in succinct form is a rare art. I know so many people who get totally lost in details before they get to the point! And guess what? The more they associate with each other, the longer they all take to get to the frigging point! I know a few people who can take 45 minutes to tell you something that most human beings can communicate via twitter. As I listen to them politely and begin to feel the equivalent of a piranha attack in my whole body I can’t help but think:

·         I wonder if I can pretend that I’m having a heart attack

·         Where is the nearest sanatorium?

·         And you wonder why you are lonely?

I know that I should appreciate diversity and empathize with these long-winded people and all that, but for the love of God, can somebody please tell them to get to the frigging point? Don’t they know that the fastest route to a destination is a straight line? I don’t need to hear details about people I don’t know and events I don’t care about unless they are going to make me rich or involve adulation.

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