Mr. President, information is no reason to change your mind
September 15, 2013
Benefits of Government Shutdown
September 26, 2013

The Poor to Inform GOP on Benefits of Going Uninsured

While the President is seeking to enroll as many uninsured people as possible in the new exchanges, the GOP is hard at work telling people not to. John Boehner is so convinced that government health insurance is such a bad thing that he has enlisted a group of poor and indigent folk to advice him. Republican operatives have been recruiting sick and injured people without health insurance from emergency rooms around the country.
In focus groups facilitated by the “Re-lie-ability Group” participants talked about the many interesting people they met while waiting for hours to be told to go to the emergency room in another hospital six hours away. Participants told stories of sleeping on the floor, being in pain, yelled at, and feeling ignored for hours. In its final report to the GOP “Re-lie-ability” noted that such experiences build character and resilience, themes that the GOP will use in its campaign against Obamacare. “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger” will be a key message of the strategy.  
A second group to offer guidance to the GOP consists of people without health insurance who go bankrupt because of medical bills. Members of this group claim that bankruptcy is such a unique experience that they would have never been able to have with health insurance. A spokesperson for the group noted that “bankruptcy gave us a lot to talk about; it kept us engaged and busy for a long time. Since the bankruptcy we have not had a dull moment in our life.” The GOP is going to promote bankruptcy as the cure to boredom, not to mention the prevention of mischief.
Republicans learned so much from people without health insurance that they have decided to give up their own Medicare, and ask their elderly parents to do the same. They are very intent on making this happen in 2099.

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